Relationships, Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling

MHBA believes marriage is a Covenant. We will capitalize on the smallest degree of hope or ambivalence as a basis for helping preserve the marriage. If it becomes apparent that annulment or divorce is likely, clinicians are committed to minimizing damage and maximizing adjustment and future chances for success for all concerned. We offer pre-marital counseling as well as work on any relationship or unhealthy relationship pattern.

In the case of broken family relationships, we always support reconciliation as a possibility to be evaluated.

In the case of marital affairs, as long as the offending party is willing to commit to understanding and working on their own dynamics which contributed to them straying, and willing to understand the consequences of their choice (or addiction), we also support working toward reconciliation.

We offer pre-marital counseling, privately, and through churches and synagogues. We offer structured pre-marital counseling and are familar with instruments like Focus and Prepare, which oftentimes satisfies clergy’s requirement for this service.