Group Therapy

MHBA Clinicians offer weekly Groups for:
*Middle Schoolers ("Connections")
*Young Adults
*Young Adult Recovery ("Genesis")
*Adults ("Family-of-Origin")
*Adults (Co-Dependency/Recovery Issues)
*DBT (Emotion Regulation) - Adolescent, Adult
*ADHD Coaching (Child, Adolescent, Adult)

Naturally everyone is reticent and nervous initially about the idea of walking into a group of perfect strangers not knowing what to expect…and, especially, with the thought of talking about your most personal problems!

Believe it or not, most people feel relieved, comfortable and even enjoy “Group” very quickly! Some people are most comfortable just listening, some asking questions, some just responding to questions from others. Some just need to listen and say nothing for a few weeks. That’s okay and it’s the Group therapist’s job to help figure out what’s best for you.

The purposes of Group vs. individual Therapy are:

  • It is comforting (“normalizing”, “validating”) to realize others have very similar problems, issues, and experiences as do you; that you (and your problems) are not as unique or unusual as you may think.
  • Many people feel if others really knew them (or their problems), they surely would not like them. Group is a good forum for coming to the realization that the opposite may, in fact when you do decide to share your issues and feelings with others, they actually & often feel closer to you and even like you better. In the safe setting offered by group, this can be a great experience.
  • It is an opportunity to get feedback from peer’s about your situation, your thinking and feedback about you. It’s an opportunity to learn to recognize and deal with your perception & feelings differently, to try out new skills and to practice coming across in different ways.
  • Group is great as a tool to reduce social anxiety, an overly high need to please others or an overly high need to seek approval; to get to know yourself better and to increase communication and intimacy/empathy skills.
  • It is also a chance to get positive peer pressure, support, and accountability in a confidential safe environment.