Individuals may be referred for evaluation from many sources including teachers, clergy, physicians, counselors, dietitians, attorneys and others. Individuals may also seek services on their own. Should an emergency arise with you, your spouse, or your children, professionals at MH Black & Associates are available at (713) 562-7819.


Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy fees are expensive. One way to look at them is as an investment, one of the most important investments you can ever make; investment in your self, your child, your marriage, spouse, sibling or parent; investment in a loved one or a valued friend, colleague or employee.

In most cases, after a diagnostic session and depending on the nature of the problem, services are subject to reimbursement under an insurance plan. Although the providers at MHBA are not listed on any PPO insurance panels, services are still typically reimbursable at rates between 50 and 80% as an "out-of-network" benefit. This, of course, is subject to the guidelines of your own Plan.

MHBA rates for 45-50 minute individual sessions range, depending on the licensure and experience of the particular provider, from $100 to $300. Group therapy rates range from $100 to $150.

Rates are subject to change but finances are always presented clearly at the time of inquiry or scheduling, are presented in writing as part of the patient information packet and are reviewed again in person at the end of the initial diagnostic session. MHBA fees are paid at the time of service and forms suitable for filing for insurance reimbursement are provided as soon as a diagnosis is determined.