Faith-Based Counseling

People seeking "Christian Counseling" are sometimes seeking Biblically-based and referenced counseling interventions. A MHBA clinician can provide this. However, many seeking Christian Counseling are really asking for faith-based counseling by a counselor who will understand and respect their faith, and will recognize and support the healing resource and power that comes from a relationship with and reliance on God. They may want to know that their counselor shares this value in their own life.

Clinicians at MHBA believe in the importance of God’s role in personal growth and healing. MHBA clinicians believe that God uses us to do what we do. We are an interfaith practice. Counselors, Therapists and the Psychiatrist practicing at MHBA all come from a Judeo-Christian background, most Christian and some Jewish.

All MHBA clinicians have a strong spiritual connection and we respect the faith of each patient, which may range from obscure or peripheral to strong and absolute. All faith communities are respected and welcome as are those with no faith or faith awareness at all.

Clients are accepted and welcomed from all persuasions and walks of life, including those questioning their sexuality or sex preference and those in committed gay relationships.