Children, Teens, Young Adults, Parenting Services, Genesis & Connections

The clinicians at MH Black & Associates have a knack for reaching, winning over and helping difficult teenagers. We have a wide range of services for children, adolescents and their families. All are designed to increase a child or teen’s self-esteem and healthy coping skills, to alleviate anger and depression and to support abstinence from alcohol and drugs. We help the teens to accept responsibility for their behavior and to develop:

  • Social skills, confidence and healthy peer relations
  • Family connections and communication
  • A system of values and priorities
  • Acceptance of responsibility for their actions and their challenges (e.g., ADHD)
  • A healthy and responsible sense of independence
  • 12-Step involvement, as appropriate

MHBA clinicians treat children of all ages. Yet, not all children need therapy. After the initial evaluation, we often suggest first working with the parents. If our advice works, change is typically seen within weeks, hence a much more cost-effective and parent-empowering approach.

Parenting support and advice has long been a strongpoint at MHBA and may be provided individually or through parenting in a group setting. Getting parents together on expectations for the kids, and child management skills that are effective, goes a long way, not just for the children, but also for reducing marital strife and empowering the marriage itself.

When children, teens or young adults do need to be seen in therapy, that may also occur individually or in the context of a Group, or a combination of both. When the kids need help, we also have available unique specialized services for teens called Genesis (which includes a supervised social, 12 step and service component) and for socially anxious, extremely shy middle schoolers (also with a supervised social component) called Connections.

Regarding Genesis, it should be noted that there are other groups that teens can access in the Houston community. However, the enrollees are matched there only after a history of substance abuse and dependence or other addiction. Alternatively, Genesis services at MHBA are an extension of Group Therapy and they do not require a history of addiction to qualify. The middle schoolers’ Connections services, similarly, are designed to maximize the chances that addictions won’t take hold.