Case Management

Getting sober, stabilized or re-stabilized is the new beginning, staying stopped, staying on required medication, living sober, staying connected and doing life is the next chapter.

When a loved one’s psychiatric, emotional, behavioral and/or addiction problem interfere with normal life functioning to the degree an inpatient hospital or residential stay is called for, “aftercare,” or continuing care, services are a major part of a sustained recovery. This applies to primary mental health problems, to addictions and, certainly, to patients with dual diagnoses.

MHBA offers Case Management and monitoring through a menu of continuing care, accountability and support services for adult children and their parents, some services are offered through our own providers, and others through coordination with local providers. All this to insure the maximum likelihood of long term mental health, sobriety and maturation, along with family harmony and fulfillment.

The role of the Case Manager is to:

  1. Assist the parents and young adult in choosing the individualized elements of the aftercare treatment plan, and providers for those services;
  2. Assist the parents in presenting a written contract with clear expectations (and consequences) to their young adult child;
  3. Have regular contact with all Providers for ongoing coordination of care amongst Providers;
  4. Have regular contact with both the young adult and the parents;
  5. Monitor compliance with and progress of the treatment plan;
  6. Recommend and effect adjustments to the treatment plan and services provided.

The “Menu” of available aftercare services for the young adults, tailored to their individual needs, includes:

Clear Expectations * Accountability Contract for 12 Step and Psychotherapy Involvement * Drug Testing * Addiction Sensitive Psychotherapy and Psychiatry * Group Therapy * Extended Sober Living Residence * Trustee for Access to Cash * Recovery Coach/Mentor * Sober Companion * Trainer/Dietitian * Life Skills/ Organizational, Time Management Coach * Educational Consultant * Spiritual Growth Coach * Primary Care Physician Addictionologist * Forensic Reports * Point Person for Case Management/Coordination of All Service Provider

The “Menu” of services for the parents, tailored to parents’ individual needs, includes:

Defined Behavioral Contract Prior to Discharge * Coordination Among All Providers/Implementation and Monitoring of the Aftercare Plan/Point Person for the Parents * Mediated Access Plan for Cash Flow * Legal Consulting/Incentive Trust Design * Family Therapy/Reconciliation * 24/7 Access to Professional Consultation * Psychotherapy * Psychiatry * Marriage/Parenting Support * Post-Divorce Counseling * Co-Dependency Education/Treatment/Coaching * Wealth Succession Planning for Parents and Grandparents of Children and Grandchildren with Special Issues * With You for the Long Hall

Get Started

To get started with Case Management through MH Black & Associates, please download, complete and return the Informed Consent and Engagement of Services Form.